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Hensel Phelps Contruction 

For three months, I worked on a construction project to design and build a research labratory located on the University of California, Riverside campus. The project is projected to be completed in May 2017. My responsibilities included participating in all team meetings with the head  archiects of The Smith Group, the many engineers, the UCR campus staff, and in-house construction meetings. Following monthly site vists, I was relied on to analyze architectural drawings of the project in order to estimate the costs of the entire landscaped area and interior aspects of the LEED Platinum building.

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Studio X Internship 

The internship objective, with local architecture firm, is to assist with the design of the new Hillel Jewish Center on campus, completed in Fall 2015.


For more information on the building I helped work on, 

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Gruen Associates Internship 

A three month long internship. I worked on the construction documents for various retail projects including; Harry Winston in San Francisco and New York City, Stella McCartney in Los Angeles, Louis Vuitton in Houston, and many others. I helped wherever I could, fixing red-line drawings, drawing details in AutoCad, making material boards etc.

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Torti Gallas + Associates Internship 

Urban design and residential architecture firm. I helped on many different projects located around the world. I worked on preliminary drawings and studies for a project in Australia, put presentations together for award submitting, and assisted the architecture team with plan and elevation drawings located in Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many more. I also helped with putting together the Specific Plan and Form Based Codes in Santa Monica, CA and Honolulu, HI in InDesign.

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 WHA Junior Job Capitain Work 

Working for a single-family residential architecture firm, helping with construction documents and design submittals. Received a promotion from Junior Job Capitan to Job Capitan. 

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Working for a residential multi-family architecture firm, working under a project manager putting together construction documents, design submittals, and responding to construction administration RFIs and Submittals. 

Project: Manchester Jamboree Housing, Anaheim, CA

4-story Affordable Apartments 

102 Units 

Day Care 

Parking Garage 

Leasing Office

Pool Area 

Completion Date: Fall 2021

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